The Next Wave of 3D Steam Stretch Unveiled in Autumn Winter 2014, 3D Steam Stretch takes a further leap forward. 3D Steam Stretch is an innovative technology developed by ISSEY MIYAKE, born from the tradition of PLEATS and A-POC. It starts with a single piece of cloth into which “creases” have been incorporated in advance in a finely detailed design process. This season, by the simple application of steam to the cloth, the fabric that is at first flat instantly transforms to take on a 3D form with countless surfaces, following the contours of the designed creases. This new stretch material that is neither knitwear nor pleats envelops the body in a light-as-a cloud streamlined form that evokes an image of the wearer being clad in the wind itself.

Have a look below at our amazing new video for the 3D Steam Stretch technique.